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Cadd Services

Key2hire provides high quality, time bound, cost effective CADD services. We are one solution for CADD services in Architectural, Structural, MEP, and Mechanical design engineering domains. Our technological understanding in 2D CAD drafting, CADD design, 3D CADD modeling to animation, will assist you to emerge as profitable.

We provide CADD services in the field of architectural, structural, and mechanical. We are in business providing high-quality architectural and engineering solutions. Our company has been instrumental in putting in and imposing latest innovational systems and advanced construction systems across large-scale construction companies.

We follow an easy to execute project model with a flexible technique for project costing. Our payment options to our clients are pay per project, dedicated resource arrangement or hour rate plan. The client can rightly pick any option depending on their project requirements. We have an extended work team which facilitates project completion within tight timelines. Owing to quality services and seamless communication we have an excellent client base. 

The glazing and metal industry has stricken by shortage design professionals and retaining them on long-term assignment has become expensive affair, Key2hire have a major role to play in this situation as it provides design solutions at competitive prices with accurate design methodology and helping our client’s dreams come true at affordable financial investment.

Key2hire is devoted in giving our clients the highest standards of quality and satisfaction at a nominal price. We pride ourselves on the efficient and quality services that we provide.


Key2hire CADD services can provide drafting services at our UAE office. Please call for details. Key2hire CADD employees are trained in the latest versions of AutoCAD. All our work is performed by Key2hire CADD employees, we don’t sub-contract our work to others.

Facilities Drafting: 

Architectural, Structural and Manufacturing Processes 

Facilities Design: 

Architectural Renovations, Space Planning, Furniture Layouts and Mechanical Infrastructure 

Coordinated Shop Drawings: 

Develop shop drawings based on architectural, structural and mechanical construction design drawings. Coordinated shop drawings demonstrate that the designed systems physically fit the building envelope. Any conflict is resolved early on paper, not on field.  

CADD File Editing: 



Large volume in black and white

Our Expertise


Metal Cladding Railings & Balustrades Louvers
, Staircases, Masharbia Screens Bollards
, Lift Architraves


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Pre Engineering Building Works

Our Services

Tender Drawings

We work closely with the Owners/Property developers and architects from design to bid documents including drawings and technical specification which are issued for estimating/pricing of the cost of the building to constructed.

Concept Drawings

Embracing the process, we work with architects and other members of the design team to create facade & structural concepts. Concepts are based on the architect’s design hierarchy of performance and aesthetics and can be illustrated in 3D drawings, hand sketches and renderings. Preliminary structural analysis is conducted to confirm massing and sightlines.

Shop Drawings

Shop Drawings are the principal drawings produced once the concept is approved. It is further developed with all relevant details covering the most complex design & even the micro level details for the architect’s/client’s approval.

Fabrication Drawings​

Once the shop drawings are approved & site survey is validated, fabrication drawings are made & sent to production for further process. Here the fabrication & assembly terms with material specification are given in detail as any layman in production can understand the process. Also we issue Water jet & Laser cutting drawings for sheet metal cutting.

As Built Drawings

As built drawings are the final set of drawings produced at the completion of the project.

Structural Calculations

During the early stages of the facade & structural design we develop preliminary calculations